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NDUF2019September 2019

The annual Nuclear Decommissioning & Used Fuel Strategy Summit will take place this year in Charlotte on September 30. Please visit the Robatel booth, where we can discuss our proven solutions for the technical challenges ahead.

Patram2019July 2019

We are pleased to announce that Robatel will be in attendance for the 2019 PATRAM symposium in New Orleans on August 4-9. Come and visit our team at booth no. 408 to discuss your packaging needs, and to pick up a giveaway!

LiftingFixtureMay2019May 2019

Robatel completes final assembly of the Central Solenoid Lifting Fixture for the ITER project. For more information about this collaborative effort to build the world's largest tokamak, please visit

CSAssyTransportOctober 2017

Robatel completes the packaging and loading of the Assembly Platform's Center Support Weldment. The component was then delivered to the ITER site in Cadarache, France.

For more information about this historic delivery, visit

Track 5 WinnerMarch 2017

Another year, another blue ribbon — Robatel Technologies received a Best In Track Poster award during the WM2017 conference, for the poster titled Personnel Qualification and Certification Program in Pressure Decay Leak Testing on the RT-100 Type (B) Cask.

For more information, visit the WM website.

CS Assembly PlatformMarch 2017

Robatel's efforts continue in the construction of the 90 metric ton (200,000 lb) Assembly Platform for the ITER project. This platform will be used during the assembly of the Central Solenoids, and is built to hold a massive load of 1,300 metric tons!

After final inspection, the carbon steel surfaces will be sand blasted and painted, and then packaged and shipped to the ITER site in Cadarache, France.

WM2017March 2017

Robatel Technologies exhibits at Waste Management Symposia 2017 in Phoenix, AZ. Come join us at booth no. 710!


Manifold Training East CoastNovember 2016

Robatel Technologies performs a second three day training program in leak testing at Exelon's Peach Bottom Generating Station.

Manifold Training MidwestAugust 2016

Robatel Technologies performs a three day training program in leak testing at Exelon's Dresden Generating Station. Course objectives included:

• Fundamentals in Leak Testing
• Pressure Rise Leak Testing
• Pressure Decay Leak Testing
• Safety in Leak Testing
• RT-100 Specific Training

Leak Test ManifoldJune 2016

Robatel designs and builds a pressure-decay leak test manifold to perform testing in accordance with ANSI N14.5-2014 table A1 test A.5.1.

In addition to the manifold, we have developed a test procedure and qualification program in accordance with the recommendations of ASNT SNT-TC-1A-2011.

Best in Track 8April 2016

Robatel Technologies received the Best In Track Poster award during the WM2016 conference, for our poster titled Distribution of Documents Through the Robatel Technologies Client Portal. For more information, visit

Waste Management 2016March 2016

Thanks to all who visited the Robatel Technologies show booth at the WM2016 conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

It was a great opportunity to meet valuable contacts and to discuss Robatel's capabilities and competencies.

We look forward to next year!

Dominique SanchetteFebruary 2016

Robatel Technologies, LLC would like to take this opportunity to inform you of an internal management change.

Please join us in welcoming our new Chief Executive Officer, Dominique Sanchette. Mr. Sanchette comes to us from our parent company, Robatel SA, and is no stranger to Robatel — it was his forethought that began Robatel Technologies in 2009. He has been with the Robatel family for over 30 years and brings with him an extensive knowledge of our product and how it fits within the Nuclear Industry in America.

Christopher Dane had acted as our interim Chief Operating Officer since October 2014. Though we are disappointed to see him leave, we are excited that he remains with the Robatel family; he has accepted a position at our sister company, Robatel Industries, as Export Business Development Manager. This will be a great opportunity for Christopher to help Robatel continue to grow. We wish him great success.

We are confident that these changes will further strengthen our company. You can expect to receive the same high level of customer service from Mr. Sanchette as from the whole Robatel team. Please feel free to contact Mr. Sanchette at 540-989-2878, or email him at

We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Best Regards,

Robatel Team


Waste Management 2016 LogoJanuary 2016

The annual Waste Management Symposia will be held in Phoenix on March 6-10th. Robatel Technologies will be moving to a new location at booth #614. We are pleased to announce that we will have guest exhibitors from Oreka Solutions, to present a unique software, DEMplus, a 3D simulation tool dedicated to nuclear projects.

In addition, Robatel Technologies will be presenting two technical papers at the show on the following topics: "Shipping Grossly Dewatered Resins in the RT-100 Type B Transportation Cask" and "Distribution of Documents through the Robatel Technologies Client Portal".

We are excited to be attending this year's conference and we look forward to meeting with all the conference attendees!

Central Solenoid Lifting FixtureOctober 2015

Robatel Technologies has been awarded an additional contract with US ITER! Once again we partner with Robatel Industries to fabricate the Central Solenoid Lifting Fixture, a device used to position the 120 metric ton modules on the Assembly Platform. For more information about the ITER device, visit

Robatel RT-100 Certificate of Compliance, Revision 1 is issuedJuly 2015

Robatel Technologies is pleased to annouce that the RT-100 Certificate of Compliance, Revision 1, has been released by the USNRC. Modifications include the ablitity to ship grossly dewatered resins, enhancements to the shielding analysis and loading table worksheet, and the addition of a pressure drop pre-shipment leak test procedure. For additional information regarding this exciting news, please contact us at

US ITER CS Assembly Platform Contract AwardJuly 2015

Robatel Technologies is excited to announce that we have been awarded a new contract with US ITER! In a collaborative effort with Robatel Industries, we will fabricate the Central Solenoid Assembly Platform, a structure that supports a combined weight of 1300 metric tons. For more information about the ITER device, visit

Robatel to attend the EPRI International Low-Level Waste ConferenceJune 2015

Robatel will be attending the EPRI International Low-Level Waste Conference and Exhibit Show in Orlando on June 15. Come visit us at booth #3!

Robatel's booth at the WM2015 SymposiaMarch 2015

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by the Robatel booth at the WM2015 Symposia in Phoenix. It was a great opportunity to speak with potential customers and vendors in the industry. We look forward to next year's conference!

Robatel to attend the Waste Management 2015 SymposiaMarch 2015

Robatel will be attending the Waste Management 2015 Symposia in Phoenix on March 15. Come visit us at booth #611!

Robatel completes the first annual maintenance of the RT-100 Type B transport caskDecember 2014

Robatel completes the first annual maintenance of the RT-100 Type B transport cask. Activities included liquid penetrant examination of containment and lifting pocket welds, installation of new O-rings, and helium leakage testing.

Robatel receives authorization letter from USNRC to ship Irradiated Hardware using the RT-100September 2014

Robatel receives an authorization letter from the U.S. NRC to ship Irradiated Hardware with the RT-100. The Certificate of Compliance was amended to include 14 shipments of activated steel from the Rancho Seco decommissioning project.

First waste shipment with the RT-100June 2014

The first ever shipment of waste using the RT-100 was made. The shipment included dewatered resins contained within a secondary container.

Robatel obtains Certificate of Compliance from USNRC for the RT-100 Type B CaskMarch 2014

Robatel obtains a Certificate of Compliance from the U.S. NRC for the RT-100 Type B Cask. This approval authorizes the package to ship radioactive material in accordance with 49 CFR 173.471.

Robatel delivers 4 RT-100 Type B casksJanuary 2014 – October 2014

Robatel delivers four RT-100 Type B casks to service the U.S. nuclear market. Three casks for Waste Control Specialists were delivered in January, May, and September.  One cask was delivered in July for Exelon Corporation.

Robatel Contracts with WCSApril 2012

Robatel Contracts with Waste Control Specialists (WCS) to provide Type B transport casks. The casks will allow WCS to transport B and C level radioactive waste to their new waste disposal facility in Andrews, Texas.