Engineering Design

Robatel offers a variety of engineering services, including the following:

  • Preliminary Design
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Mechanical Calculations
  • Thermal Calculations
  • Seismic Calculations
  • Shielding Calculations
  • Criticality Calculations
  • Impact Calculations
  • Risk Analysis

Engineering design and calculations are prepared by applying a variety of software programs, including ANSYS, COSMOSWorks, LS-DYNA, MicroShield, SCALE 6.1, TRIPOLI, Solidworks, and AutoCad. Other programs may be used upon customer request. In addition, we provide regulatory expertise acquired from many decades of successful completion of projects for the nuclear industry. With customers world-wide, we ensure that each project meets national and local code requirements.


Thermal Calculations
ANSYS RT-100 Temperature Contour Plot
Preliminary Design
Croquis 3D
Impact Calculations
Drop Test Calculation